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Will driver be held responsible for wrongful death of passengers?

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2018 | wrongful death

A recent accident in Louisiana left two people dead and the driver who caused the collision injured. This incident occurred Oct. 7, in Baton Rouge. The question now remains, will the driver be held responsible for the wrongful death of the victims who just happened to be his passengers?

According to reports, at approximately 2 p.m., the driver of sedan crossed the center line on South Foster, near Pershing Drive, and collided with a tow truck head-on. The passenger in the front seat of the sedan died at the scene. A passenger in the back seat and the driver were taken to the hospital for treatment. Sadly, the second passenger died at the medical facility. The driver of the tow truck was uninjured in the wreck.

At this point, authorities have not reported what caused the sedan’s driver to lose control of his vehicle. No charges have been filed in this case. It is unclear if investigators will pursue criminal charges as the investigation is still ongoing.

When a person allows individuals to ride in his or her vehicle, he or she is responsible for their safety. In this particular case, the victims’ surviving family members may be able to claim driver negligence in an effort to seek compensation for the losses they have experienced as a result of losing their loved ones. An experienced wrongful death attorney can help them pursue the proper legal claims in a Louisiana civil court. If civil actions prove effective, maximum relief may be achieved.