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Louisiana wrongful death: Too many cyclists are being killed

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2018 | wrongful death

Many Louisiana residents enjoy biking as a form of exercise and as a form of transportation. Sadly, too many cyclists it the state are being hit and killed by the drivers of automobiles. When such events happen, the surviving family members of the victims may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses by pursuing wrongful death claims in civil court.

According to a recent report, Louisiana ranks second in the nation as one of the most dangerous states for cyclists. Why? What it is about riding a bike here that makes it such a dangerous pastime?

The president of Bike Baton Rouge says that a big part of the problem is drivers’ attitude toward bicyclists. Many feel that they should not be on the road with cars. However, state laws require drivers to share the road with cyclists.

Statistics show that 93 cyclists have died on Louisiana roads since 2015. Lawmakers are looking for ways to improve cyclist safety. For now, it is up to driver and cyclists alike to pay attention and share the road.

When a fatal bicycle accident occurs, the victim’s surviving family members will want answers to questions like: Why did it happen, who is responsible and can compensation for losses be sought? The answers to this questions will come in time. As far as seeking compensation goes, the state of Louisiana does allow for the filing of wrongful death claims in cases where negligence is thought to have contributed to the loss of life. Legal counsel can review the details of one’s case and help file and litigate a wrongful death claim if doing so is deemed appropriate.