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Family in another state wins birth injury lawsuit

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2018 | birth injury

A family in another state recently won a substantial settlement in an injury/medical malpractice lawsuit. This case was all about a birth injury and holding the hospital and its staff responsible for the damage caused to a now 9-year-old boy. Parents in Louisiana with children who have suffered injuries during labor and delivery may, like this family, pursue compensation for their losses as well.

According to reports, the child in this case was born in 2009 after a normal, healthy pregnancy. Everything looked good up until the few hours before his delivery. Medical staff reportedly noticed drops in the child’s heart rate, indicating the baby was in distress and not receiving adequate oxygen. Instead of performing a cesarean section immediately, the doctor and nurse on the case decided to wait it out. The child was born with significant brain damage as a result.

The parents of this young man waited several years to file legal claims against the hospital as it has taken medical providers time to figure out the extent of the child’s injuries. It is believed that, even with extensive therapy, this young man will never have the ability to live alone, hold a job or really take care of himself. He lacks basic motor skills, suffers hearing loss and struggles with expressive and receptive language skills. The hospital initially offered the child’s parents $10 million to settle this case, but they refused, took the case to trial and a jury ended up awarding them $50 million. The hospital plans to appeal.

When a child suffers brain damage during labor and delivery, his or her life will likely never be considered normal. A birth injury of this kind often requires lifelong therapy and medical care which can cost a fortune. When medical negligence contributes to a birth injury, parents should not be left to pick up the pieces and pay for their child’s care on their own. Experienced legal counsel can assist Louisiana parents seek maximum compensation for their family’s losses by pursuing civil actions against the parties believed responsible in court.