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Should I file a birth injury claim?

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2018 | birth injury

Louisiana residents whose children have suffered injuries during childbirth may wonder if they can take legal action against the medical providers who were present during labor and delivery and/or the medical facility. The only real answer to that question is maybe. It may be possible to file a birth injury claim, but it is hard to know without first investigating all the facts of one’s case.

Every year, around 2 million children suffer injuries during the birthing process as a result of medical negligence. While not all of the victims will suffer long-term consequences, no parent should have to watch their child suffer, even for a little bit, because their medical provider messed up. No parent should have to endure the financial or emotional hardships that accompany birth injuries. No child should have to suffer, either, because of medical malpractice.

If, after a legal consultation, filing a birth injury claim is thought appropriate and parents choose to proceed, there are a few things they may want to know about litigation. First off, birth injury cases can take time — often one to four years. Second, litigation comes at a cost — time off work, paying for child care and mounting medical bills can all put a strain on one’s finances. Third, these cases can add stress to an already stressful life.

Pursuing a birth injury claim may be the only way to achieve compensation for one’s losses, so it is certainly worth considering if medical negligence is thought to have contributed to a child’s injury. Louisiana parents just need to understand that these cases are more of a marathon than a sprint. Those individuals who are considering filing birth injury claims can turn to an experienced attorney for guidance on the matter. If taking legal action is thought to be the proper course, legal counsel will do everything possible to seek maximum relief for the client.