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Motor vehicle accidents: Cops looking for hit-and-run driver

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2018 | motor vehicle accidents

Police in Louisiana are in the process of looking for the individual responsible for a recent hit-and-run accident. This event occurred on Sunday, Sept. 9 in the Lake Charles area. One person was injured in the wreck. According to state laws, victims of motor vehicle accidents may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses. In this particular case, the victim may find him or herself needing assistance to seek relief from his or her own insurance company and/or pursue legal action against the driver thought responsible when that individual is identified.

According to news reports, the victim was operating a motorcycle near the intersection of Sale Lane and McNeese Street. The driver of a white Nissan is said to have attempted a left-hand turn in front of the motorcycle, giving the victim nowhere to go. The motorcycle hit the side of the car causing the victim to suffer moderate to severe injuries.

The driver of the Nissan quickly fled the scene. The car was last seen heading southbound on Sale Lane. Authorities are asking anyone who may have information about this incident to contact the investigator in charge of this case at the Lake Charles Police Department.

Those responsible for hit-and-run motor vehicle accidents are often found and brought to justice. The victim in this case does have a number of options when it comes to seeking compensation for his or her losses. An experienced personal injury attorney can discuss those options with the victim and assist in pursuing relief either through settlement negotiations or by litigating the matter in a Louisiana civil court.