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Dedicated To Helping Injured

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What employers should know about preventing construction falls

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2018 | Firm News

Some of the most fatal incidents on a construction site happen when people work unsafely from heights. According to the CDC, construction falls took the lives of 370 individuals in 2016. Reality is, those deaths were preventable.

Construction work requires the utmost preparation and protection in terms of safety procedures. The National Campaign to Prevent Falls in Construction was launched to encourage everyone in the construction industry to work safely and use the right preventives to reduce falls.

Identify potential hazards

When performing duties on the job, you need to have the right tools when working on unstable and fragile surfaces. You’ll want to conduct initial and periodic workplace inspections to identify new and recurring hazards. Existing information about previous workplace hazards may be available to employers and workers.

Assess how you might fall

Because there is always a possibility you could fall when on a roof or top of a building, you’ll want to assess the situations and risks in which you might fall. Checking the size and layout before climbing may prevent a future fall. Workers should tell the authorities of any risks they find.

Emergency procedures

You should implement protective measures to reduce the risks faced with heights. Although you may try your best to prevent falls, they may still happen. You’ll want to ensure that you have emergency procedures in the event of a fall.

Preventative measures

You want to ensure that you do regular updates to all the safety measures on the work site. The entire site should have enough maintenance services so that workers can be prepared when encountering a fall emergency.