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Louisiana birth injury: Traumatic birth experiences

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2018 | birth injury

While no woman expects labor and delivery to be easy, no one expects it to be a traumatizing experience either. Unfortunately, for numerous women in Louisiana and elsewhere, that is exactly what it is. When people talk about birth injury, they think about injuries suffered by the infant. The truth is, mothers may also suffer birth injuries that are physical and/or psychological in nature.

Ideally, a woman will go to her birthing facility of choice and have a smooth labor with few if any complications. The individuals taking care of them will do so in a kind and understanding way. They will also take accurate and timely actions if anything starts to go south. Many women have the ideal birthing experience; sadly, many do not.

What does traumatic birth mean? Tearing, emergency C-sections, the use of birth assist devices, not having a say if a problem arises — all of these things and numerous others can leave a woman traumatized. The physical and emotional pain associated with a difficult birth is very real, and there are many women who suffer for months or years after the fact with post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as physical complications.

Louisiana residents who have suffered through traumatic birth experiences have every right to question the actions of the providers who cared for them during labor and delivery. If negligence is thought to have contributed to this type of birth injury, it may possible to seek compensation for any resulting losses. An experienced attorney can review the details of one’s case and, if deemed appropriate, assist one in pursuing damages through settlement negotiations or litigation.