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Louisiana wrongful death: Couple killed in recent wreck

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2018 | wrongful death

A Louisiana couple recently lost their lives in a crash in Baton Rouge. This incident occurred in the early morning hours of Sunday, April 8. Under certain circumstances, family members of the victims may be entitled to pursue a wrongful death claim against the driver believed responsible for the collision.

According to a recent news report, a husband and wife — ages 29 and 30 — were traveling northbound on Sherwood Forest Boulevard and were going through an intersection when another car ran a red light and struck their vehicle. Sadly, both victims died before they could be transported for medical care. They are survived by two young children.

The driver who ran the red light is said to be a 34-year-old male. He was injured in the wreck and taken to a hospital for treatment. Police are still looking into the cause of the crash. It is unclear if any criminal charges are expected in this case.

This terrible tragedy has left two children without their parents, which will shape the rest of their lives. This accident has created emotional and financial burdens that the victims’ family members will likely feel for a long time. There is nothing that can replace what has been lost here; however, if deemed the appropriate course of action, a wrongful death claim — if successfully executed and won in a Louisiana civil court — could result in the victims’ children receiving the support they need to help them move forward. A personal injury attorney experienced in handling claims of this nature can answer questions and help a surviving family plan the way forward.

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