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Louisiana motor vehicle accidents: 2 injured in recent wreck

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2018 | motor vehicle accidents

In the late afternoon of Thursday, April 5, two vehicles collided near the airport in Baton Rouge. Louisiana police are still in the process of determining what caused this wreck. Two people are said to have been injured in the incident. When motor vehicle accidents occur, victims may seek relief for their losses through legal means.

According to a recent news report, a grey sedan traveling northbound on Interstate 110 crossed the median into the southbound lanes and struck a pickup truck. Why this happened is still unknown. Two people were transported to the hospital by rescue workers. One individual is said to be in critical condition, and the other has been listed in serious condition. It is unclear of which vehicle these individuals were occupants.

At this point, this is all the information that is known about this wreck. Police have not released information specifically about the individual responsible for the crash. They have also failed to mention if any criminal charges are pending in this case.

If negligence is the suspected cause of motor vehicle accidents, victims may pursue compensation by filing legal claims in a Louisiana civil court. In this case, personal injury claims may be filed against the driver deemed responsible for the event. If litigation proves effective, the court may award financial relief for any and all losses suffered by the victims, whether they are economic or non-economic in nature — such as medical expenses, lost wages, disability coverage, and pain and suffering, among a host of other potential damages.

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