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Louisiana motor vehicle accidents: 3 teens hurt in crash

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2018 | motor vehicle accidents

Police in Louisiana were called to investigate a crash that occurred Friday, March 2, in Baton Rouge. Three teenagers were hurt in the wreck. One of them — the driver believed responsible for the collision — died in the hospital a few days after the event. The other two are expected to survive. When motor vehicle accidents only involve one car, passengers may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses.

According to reports, at approximately 2:30 p.m., a trooper is said to have tried to pull over a car for an alleged traffic violation. The driver of the car — a 17-year-old male — reportedly failed to comply, kept driving and then lost control of his vehicle at a curve on Jefferson Island Road. The car went off the side of the road and came to a stop in an embankment. The driver was not properly restrained and suffered critical injuries. He died on March 5 at Lafayette General Hospital.

Two other teenagers were also in the car. Their identities have not been released to the public. They were both restrained when the crash occurred but still suffered fairly significant injuries. They, too, were transported to the hospital. Their current conditions are unknown.

Police are still in the process of trying to figure out what happened here. If the driver is thought to have been negligent in his actions leading to the crash, the surviving victims may be entitled to pursue damages through legal means. When the drivers believed responsible for motor vehicle accidents fail to survive, civil actions may be filed against their estates or the owners of the automobiles — if different. Those cases that are successfully litigated in a Louisiana civil court may be awarded monetary judgments.

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