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Birth injury lawsuit nets $40 million verdict

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2018 | birth injury

Birthing a child is serious business. Many parents in Louisiana and elsewhere depend on the expertise offered by medical staff in order to ensure their children are brought into the world safely. Unfortunately, sometimes, medical providers make mistakes; these mistakes can lead to a birth injury that can affect the child and his or her parents for the rest of their lives.

In another state, the family of a child who was paralyzed during the birthing process was recently awarded a $40 million verdict in their birth injury case. The parents, who filed the claim on behalf of their 6-year-old daughter, claimed that their little girl was in a breech position and that the actions of the doctor during the delivery process caused her to suffer significant spinal trauma. This, they say, could be seen on images taken soon after the child’s birth.

The hospital denied claims of any wrongdoing. However, after listening to expert testimony, the jury sided with the family. It is said that $30 million was ordered to cover the child’s current and future medical and other needs. Another $10 million was ordered as compensation for pain and suffering.

The amount awarded in this case is pretty unique. In Louisiana, there are caps on medical malpractice cases, though birth injury cases may be treated differently — particularly when the victim requires life-long care. Those whose children have suffered due to the actions of medical providers during the labor and delivery process may, like the family mentioned above, seek compensation for their losses. An experienced attorney can help one fight for maximum relief.

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