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Louisiana motor vehicle accidents: several hurt,1 killed in crash

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2017 | motor vehicle accidents

On Wednesday, Dec. 27, a multi-vehicle crash left one person dead and several others injured. Motor vehicle accidents of this nature can take a while to investigate, as so many people are involved. However, Louisiana police do believe that one individual is responsible for this particular event.

At approximately 5:00 p.m., the driver of an SUV was headed eastbound on U.S. 90 when he crossed the median and entered the westbound lanes. Two vehicles struck his car. One of the drivers was killed in the collision, and the other was not injured. The force of impact from these two cars did not stop the SUV from continuing in the wrong direction in the westbound lanes. Three other cars struck the SUV, injuring two of the drivers.

The driver believed responsible for this event is said to be a 51-year-old male and resident of Avondale. Authorities are still unclear as to what caused him to lose control of his vehicle. Chemical tests were taken in order to see if drugs and/or alcohol played a roll in this horrible event.

If negligence is thought to have contributed to this event, the surviving family members of the deceased and the injured victims may seek to recover their losses by filing civil actions in court. This is a right offered to all victims of motor vehicle accidents or their surviving family members. If litigation is successful, monetary relief may be awarded for any and all damages deemed recoverable in accordance with Louisiana laws. While fighting civil claims after such a tragic experience may seem too much, it really can prove worth one’s time in the long run.

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