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Damage to the brachial plexus a common birth injury

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2017 | birth injury

Labor and delivery is tough on both mom and baby. Sometimes, babies get stuck or struggle to get through the birth canal. When they do, they may damage their brachial plexus. This type of birth injury is fairly common, and it can have long-term consequences for the baby. Those in Louisiana whose children have suffered this type of birth injury, due to the negligence of medical staff, may be entitled to seek compensation.

The group of nerves that surrounds the shoulder is called the brachial plexus. When a baby’s neck and shoulder are stretched while passing through the birth canal, it can damage these nerves. This can also happen if too much pressure is put on a baby’s arm while being delivered in a breech position.

When these nerves are damaged, the child may suffer temporary or permanent paralysis in his or her arm and hand. It can also cause a decreased grip on the injured side and absent reflexes — among other issues. In minor cases, brachial plexus injury can be treated by exercises and massages. In more severe cases, surgery may be necessary but may not help resolve the problem 100 percent.

This type of birth injury can be prevented if medical staff is attentive to what is happening during the labor and delivery process. Failure to take swift action when a problem is noted certainly will not help the situation and can only increase the severity of the injury. Those in Louisiana whose children have suffered brachial plexus injuries during the birthing process, due to the negligence of medical staff, may seek relief for their losses by filing a medical malpractice claim against all those deemed responsible. Fair and full compensation can be achieved through successful litigation or out-of-court negotiations.

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