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What should victims of motor vehicle accidents do right away?

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2017 | motor vehicle accidents

After a severe car accident, one’s head may be left spinning. It can be an emotionally difficult thing to process, and knowing what steps to take right after the fact may not come naturally. Following motor vehicle accidents, whether they occur in Louisiana or elsewhere, there are some steps that everyone should take — if they are physically able.

The first thing anyone involved in an accident should do is remain at the scene until help arrives. For victims, trying to get to the hospital by oneself is generally not advised. For those responsible, leaving the scene can have significant criminal consequences.

If physically able, drivers should exchange personal and insurance information. If any witnesses to the event are present, their information and statements should also be collected. It is also wise to take pictures in order to document the accident and damage. This can be done with one’s cell phone if no other camera is available.

If one is not physically able to do anything following a crash due to injury severity, it is okay. Police who are called to the scene will do their best to gather all of this information. It can then be obtained by asking for a copy of the official report.

Following motor vehicle accidents, the absolute best thing injured individuals can do is take care of themselves. When ready, victims can then take the steps necessary to seek compensation for their losses. Louisiana residents who have been hurt in auto collisions caused by the negligent actions of others may pursue relief through legal means by filing personal injury claims in civil court. An experienced attorney can help them fight for maximum relief.

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