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Helpful tips for choosing car seats

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2017 | motor vehicle accidents

We all know that drivers and passengers should wear their seatbelts. There is a long list of studies showing that people are more likely to survive an accident after buckling up. Naturally, the same logic applies for young children when they are properly secured in a car seat.

But with so many choices for car seats, how is a parent to choose? This post will provide some helpful tips.

Avoid hand-me-down seats –Having a seat donated to you obviously is a cost saver, but you should not sacrifice your child’s safety to save money. If a donated seat is damaged, you may not be a good idea to use it.

Pay attention to safety ratings – Cars receive safety ratings, and manufacturers often base their marketing campaigns around them. But the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety also provides ratings for car seats. This can help in differentiating brands.

Be aware of recall notices – Cars are often subject to recall notices, and car seats are not immune from them. So parents must pay attention to such notices regarding car seats.

The right size is critical – More “one size fits all” seats are in the marketplace. Manufacturers ostensibly want parents to buy one seat that can grow with the child. However, the child must still fit the seat at the correct stage. If the child does not fit correctly in the seat, he or she could be injured in a crash.

If you have questions about your legal options after being sold a defective car seat, an experienced personal injury attorney can advise you.