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There are many fatal accidents each year in Louisiana

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2017 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

There are only a couple guarantees in life, and unfortunately one of those is that everyone will die at some point in time. However, while everyone in Louisiana may know they will die at some point in time no one knows exactly when they will pass. It could be after they have lived a long life and die peacefully in their sleep, but it could also be when they are young due to a disease or illness or in a fatal accident of some kind.

One of the more common types of fatal accidents are fatal motor vehicle accidents. There are many people on the roads each day, and due to the high speeds and size of the vehicles, unfortunately many people die on the roads each year in accidents.

In 2015, there were 674 fatal motor vehicle accidents in Florida, which resulted in 726 deaths, which is about 15.5 deaths per 100,000 people. These accidents affect all types of vehicles as well. Of these accidents, 34 percent were in cars, 31 percent were in SUVs or pickup trucks, 12 percent were motorcyclists, 14 percent were pedestrians and the rest were bicyclists and in large trucks. Also, alcohol was involved in a high percentage of the accidents. Out of all the drivers killed, 80 percent had a measurable blood alcohol content level at the time of the crash and 36 percent had a BAC over 0.08, which is the legal limit.

These fatal accidents can leave the family of the victim in a very difficult position. Family members provide so much love and other care, which may go unnoticed at times while they are alive, but become very noticeable once they are gone. One of these other aspects could be income and when it is gone, simply paying the monthly bills can be difficult.

As one can see from the statistics, there are many fatal motor vehicle accidents each year in Louisiana. These accidents can be very devastating for the family of the victim as they try to move on without the victim around. The family may want to pursue compensation for their loss though depending on the circumstances. This compensation can be extremely valuable and attorneys may be able to help protect one’s rights.

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