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Dedicated To Helping Injured

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Protecting victims’ rights after a truck accident

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2017 | Truck Accidents

People rarely have a road to themselves in Louisiana. There are many other drivers on the roads at any given time and many different types of vehicles as well. Some of these vehicles are bigger than others. Semi-trucks tend to be some of the biggest vehicles on the road and, as a result, they also can cause some of the worst accidents as well. Given their size, especially compared to the other cars and trucks on the road, they can completely destroy those vehicles and cause catastrophic injuries to the people in those vehicles.

There are many different reasons that truck accidents occur. Some start with the drivers, who, like others on the road, are human and make mistakes. It could be that they are distracted by something, they are too tired, they are impaired in some way and other reasons. Also, there are many mechanical aspects of a truck and sometimes the equipment breaks or mechanics fail and a driver may lose control of the truck as a result.

As stated above, when these things occur and accidents happen, the injuries can be devastating and completely life-changing. The medical bills can add up very quickly and people may lose income if they are unable to work. These people may be entitled to compensation for their injuries though. The truck driver and the trucking company may be required to pay the victims, if the injury was caused by the driver’s negligence or mechanical failures.

Many people in Louisiana find themselves as the victim of these accidents. They may be entitled to compensation from the truck company and their insurance company. However, the truck company and insurance company will act quickly and may try to minimize the amount of compensation they pay to the victim. It is important to have someone looking out for the victim as well. At Gaar Law Firm we have handled many of these cases and may be able to protect one’s rights. For more information please visit our truck accident page on our website.