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Compensation for injuries under Longshore Act

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2017 | Boating Accidents

Many people in Louisiana go to work each week in order to earn an income. This income is a necessity for many so they can pay for food, their home, clothing and other necessities. However, if the person is injured and unable to work, they will not be able to earn this income, and meeting one’s monthly needs may become very difficult. However, the person may be entitled to pursue compensation if the injury occurred at work.

Most people can seek this compensation through workers’ compensation benefits from their employer. However, if the people work on a ship or in the harbors, and they are injured in a boating accident, then they may be entitled to compensation from a different source as well. Many people working in that business may be protected by the Longshore Act, which is a federal statute.

The amount of compensation depends on the type of injury and how long that injury continues to prohibit the person from working. For most injuries the person will be paid two-thirds of their average weekly income while the person continues to have a disability. If it is a permanent total disability, they may receive compensation until retirement age. However, if it is a partial permanent injury, the length of time the person will be paid depends on the injury.

For example, if the person loses an arm they will receive compensation for 312 weeks and if they lose a leg they will receive compensation for 288 weeks. If the person loses an eye, they will receive compensation for 160 weeks. If they lose their hearing in one ear it is for 52 weeks and if the loss is in both years it is 200 weeks. There are many other permanent partial injuries that result in varying lengths of compensation, such as the loss of a finger or toe.

There are many people in Louisiana who work in the shipping industry. Unfortunately many of these workers are injured while they work. These people may be put in a difficult position as a result, but they may be able to pursue compensation for their injuries. Attorneys understand how valuable this compensation can be, and may be able to guide one through the process of obtaining compensation.

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