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Truck driver inspection reports to ensure truck working properly

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2017 | Truck Accidents

People drive on Louisiana roads every day for a variety of reasons. People drive to get to and from work, but people drive to go to stores, to get groceries and run other errands, to see friends and family, for entertainment and many other reasons. One of these other reasons is to actually work. There are many people who drive for a living. Many of these people drive semi-trucks and transport goods from one location to another.

These trucks are very important to both the companies that use them to transport goods and the drivers themselves who make their living doing it. However, they can also pose a major threat to others on the road if they are not driven correctly or are not in proper working order. Truck accidents cause severe injuries when in accidents because of their massive size compared to most of the other vehicles on the road.

To help prevent these accidents, drivers are required to perform and record an inspection report prior to driving to make sure the truck is operating correctly. Drivers must inspect the brakes, the steering mechanism, lighting, tires, rear view mirrors, coupling devices, wheels, emergency equipment and other aspects of the truck. The driver must then make a written report. If there are defects found, they must be fixed prior to driving the truck and it must be recorded that the defects have been fixed.

As stated above, truck accidents in Louisiana can cause severe injuries to those involved. These injuries can be life-changing injuries and cause the victim to incur massive medical bills, lose income and cause general pain and suffering. That is why these inspections are so important. If the truck driver does not inspect correctly or defects are not fixed and cause an accident as a result, the victim may be entitled to compensation from the truck driver and the truck company for their injuries. Experienced attorneys understand the devastation of these accidents and may be able to help ensure one is compensated properly.

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