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Statute of limitations for starting a lawsuit after car accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2017 | Car Accidents

Driving a car in Louisiana is a privilege not a right. The privilege starts with being able to obtain a driver’s license. When drivers obtain a license they agree to follow the rules of the road while they are driving. If people do not follow the rules, they may lose the privilege to have a driver’s license and drive a car. However, even if they do not lose their license for breaking the rules, they may still cause a car accident and cause significant damage and serious injuries.

The victims of these accidents can be left in very difficult situations as they recover from their injuries. They may incur significant medical bills especially if the injury requires surgery and long term rehabilitation. The person may also miss time at work which results in lost income. So, while their bills are increasing their income decreases, which can create serious problems.

The victims of these accidents may be entitled to compensation for their injuries though. This means that the person of the accident may be required to compensate the victim for their medical bills and lost income among other costs. This is usually accomplished through a personal injury lawsuit. The victim only has a limited amount of time to file the lawsuit. The lawsuit must be filed within one year of the accident or the time when the victim discovered an injury.

Car accidents happen every day in Louisiana. Some are not as serious as others, but sometimes they can leave the victim with serious injuries, which can be very costly. The person who caused the accident may be required to compensate the victim, but the victim must file their lawsuit within one year in order to even attempt to collect. It is important to understand the law and all the rules surrounding these lawsuits and experienced attorneys may be able to guide one through it.

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