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Requirements for reporting boating accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2017 | Boating Accidents

There are many bodies of water in and around Louisiana. These bodies of water are used for both business and recreation by many people every day. Therefore, there are many boats of all different sizes and types on the water each day. The more boats that are on the water though means that there is a greater likelihood of there being a boating accident as well. The drivers of the boats are human and humans make mistakes. Unfortunately some of these mistakes can lead to severe injuries for those involved in the accidents.

Hopefully one is never involved in a boating accident, but if one finds themselves involved in one there are certain things they must do afterwards. The driver of the boat must stop the boat immediately and help any victims of the accident unless doing so would put themselves or others on their boat in danger. They must also take measures to minimize the dangers to others created by the accident. If the accident involves an injury, death or property damage over $500, the driver must also notify the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Law Enforcement Division immediately.

These reports can be very important to the victims of these accidents. If someone else caused an accident, the victim may be entitled to compensation for their injuries. However, in order to recover the full amount they deserve, they may have to file a lawsuit and prove the other driver’s negligence as well as prove the extent of their injuries. These reports become very important in proving the negligence piece of the lawsuit.

Unfortunately, there are many boating accidents every year in Louisiana. These accidents injure many people as well. The injuries can be very costly for the victims both physically and financially as medical bills can add up very quickly. However, the victims may be entitled to compensation for these medical bills and other costs associated with the injuries. Experienced attorneys understand the process for ensuring that victims receive the proper amount of compensation for their injuries.

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