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Dedicated To Helping Injured

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Helping one through the loss of a loved one

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2017 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

No one in Louisiana will live forever. At some point, everyone will pass away. The hope is that one is able to live a long, full life and pass at an old age during their sleep. Unfortunately, that does not happen to everyone. Many people die far too young in fatal accidents. Losing a loved one is never easy, but losing a loved one suddenly, with no warning or time to prepare, is extremely difficult.

The initial reaction generally is one of emotional grief, but if that loved one also earned a significant portion of the income, the family may soon also face financial issues. These financial issues can be both short- and long-term issues, but the added stress is definitely not needed, as people are grieving.

Nonetheless, if the accident was due to another’s intentional, reckless or negligent actions, the family may be able to receive compensation. This compensation can pay for medical bills, funeral costs, lost income and other damages associated with the death. This compensation will not heal the emotional pain, but it can at least, provide the family with financial security.

Wrongful death lawsuits in Louisiana can be complicated cases. People will need to deal with medical and financial experts, as well as the other side’s insurance company, in many instances. At our firm, we understand how to deal with these various individuals and companies to achieve the best results.

Insurance companies generally will try to minimize the costs to the company, and we know how they work and how to deal with them. For more information on how we handle wrongful death lawsuits, please visit our wrongful death page.