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Safety fitness standards for trucking companies

On Behalf of | May 25, 2017 | Truck Accidents

There are many trucks on Louisiana roads. They are effective at transporting a large number of items. They are vital for getting products into people’s hands and vital for the economy. However, they are also much larger than most other vehicles on the road and can cause great damage to other vehicles on the road, if they are in accidents. Often, truck accidents also result in serious injuries to the people in the other vehicles.

Because of this increased danger, the government regulates the industry and requires a higher standard of care for the drivers and trucking companies than for the average motorist. Each trucking company must meet a safety fitness standard. The standard is there to ensure that the companies have adequate management to ensure that the company is following the various safety standards.

The truck companies must ensure they are using properly licensed drivers, the trucks are being operated safely on the roads, there are proper inspections of the trucks, they are keeping accident logs and reports and ensuring that the drivers are not fatigued and others.

After a review of the trucking company, the companies are given safety fitness ratings. If the truck company’s rating is unsatisfactory, it could be prohibited from operating a commercial motor vehicle until they fix the issues that led to the unsatisfactory rating.

There are many truck accidents on Louisiana roads each year, and people can suffer serious injuries as a result. If the driver was at fault or the company did not properly maintain a truck or ensure it would be driven safely, the victim may be able to receive compensation for their injuries though.

This will not heal injuries, but it can be valuable so they can pay for the required medical treatment. Experienced attorneys understand the devastation of a trucking accident and may be a useful resource.

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