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Dedicated To Helping Injured

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On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2017 | Car Accidents

In recent years, many people in Louisiana and around the country have become more aware of the serious nature of head injuries. This is in part due to news reports about the long-term effects of concussions on professional football players.

But football is far from the only cause of traumatic brain injuries. Many people suffer serious brain injury in car accidents. When the head strikes a dashboard or steering wheel with sufficient force, the fragile structure of the brain can be damaged.

An injury to the brain can have effects throughout the body. Many victims experience a loss of muscle control and motor function. Other effects include severe headaches, loss of cognitive ability, memory loss and personality changes. In severe cases, the victim can be permanently disabled, unable to work again. Medical expenses can be astronomical, especially if the victim requires extensive therapy to relearn basic skills and body functions.

When a negligent driver causes a car accident that results in a brain injury, the victim has the right to pursue compensation including compensation for medical expenses and income loss. The victim is also entitled to pursue damages for pain and suffering, emotional distress and lost enjoyment of life.

At the Gaar Law firm in Lafayette, Louisiana, we understand the long-term needs of traumatic brain injury victims. We work closely with medical experts in evaluating the case and in presenting medical testimony at trial. We fight hard to get compensation that will help our clients deal with medical expenses, income loss and pain and suffering for years to come.