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Being a distracted driver now goes beyond texting to apps

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2016 | Car Accidents

Drivers in Louisiana and across the country are frequently told how dangerous it is to be texting and driving. However, with the new features that smartphones possess, there is an increasing number of ways for these gadgets to distract drivers. Included is the growing use of apps.

Those who are involved in a car accident need to make certain that a full accident investigation takes place to determine whether the other driver was using a smartphone or other device while operating the vehicle, as this can be a significant piece of evidence when seeking compensation for the accident.

Research has found that almost 70 percent of teen drivers admit to using apps while behind the wheel. Part of this is believed to be due to these teens not realizing the risks they are undertaking when using apps while driving. Teens were questioned on what they believed to be the lowest and highest risky behaviors when driving. They believed that apps and looking for notifications were far less dangerous than texting and driving and even driving while intoxicated.

According to researchers, these teens might think that music and an app to help with navigation are not dangerous because they are considered to be basic parts of driving in a practical sense. Forty-one percent of teens said that they believed using a directional app while driving posed a risk, while 58 percent stated that they used such apps while driving. When it comes to apps for music, 64 percent said that using them was dangerous, and 46 percent admitted to using them while behind the wheel.

Certain tactics are suggested to tamp down on this behavior such as keeping the phone away from a teen while they are driving, having the directions set on the phone before driving, and making sure they understand the potential for an accident when using a smartphone in any way while driving. In spite of these realities, and attempts to promote safety, there will still be drivers who use a device while driving. With this in mind, those who are in a car accident should get assistance from an attorney who is experienced in pursuing cases involving negligent drivers.

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