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Hidden health issues and the link to truck accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2016 | Truck Accidents

With trucks being as prominent as they are on the roads in Louisiana, there is a constant concern that there will be a truck accident. Considering their large size and the speeds and distances they travel, these crashes can lead to severe injuries and even deaths. While a truck company is supposed to make certain that the drivers are fit to drive, the reality is that much of the oversight is lacking and is dependent on the driver’s honesty about a condition. Therefore, it is difficult to determine whether a driver is being upfront about any possible medical issue that can pose a danger.

To be a commercial driver, it is required to pass a health screening. The system for making certain drivers are in shape to drive was changed in 2014.

Since then, out of 8.5 million drivers, approximately 70,000 were disqualified due to a health problem. The U.S. government has admitted that the process of deciding on a driver’s fitness is largely contingent on the driver being honest about an issue. When it is understood that drivers might lose their jobs if they are honest, the driver might not inform companies about a problem.

The federal authorities do not keep track of the number of accidents that are caused by a driver who is suffering from a medical condition. Nor do the states. During an investigation, it was found that out of 24 states that were contacted, only four had medical information about the accidents. In 2013 and 2014, there were almost 400 crashes that were linked to medical conditions.

When a person is injured or loses a loved one in a truck accident, it is important that they understand how and why it happened. While certain aspects of a possible accident, such as truck driver fatigue are known to be dangers, there should be certain safeguards to protect the public from a driver going out on the road when he or she has a medical condition that could place others at risk.

It is imperative that a full investigation be conducted to consider seeking compensation through a legal filing. Contacting a legal professional experienced in truck accidents can help with determining the underlying cause of the accident and with moving forward with litigation.

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