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A rear-end car accident can cause serious injury

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2016 | Car Accidents

Rear-end collisions are one of the most common types of car accidents, and they occur with regularity throughout Louisiana. These accidents are often caused when the car behind is going too fast and fails to stop in time at a red light or stop sign. They can also result when a car is following too closely, and traffic slows suddenly on a highway. Many rear-end collisions are the result of a distracted driver who is paying more attention to something other than the road ahead.

Rear-end collisions often result in whiplash injuries that can be extremely painful and debilitating. Whiplash occurs when the head is thrown violently back and then forward. The soft tissues in the neck, the ligaments and tendons that connect muscle and bone, can be sprained or torn. The disks between the neck vertebrae can be damaged, causing them to swell and press against the spinal cord.

Whiplash injuries can result in chronic pain and significant loss of range of motion in the neck. Victims can lose time from work and incur significant medical expenses. Leisure and recreation activities can become difficult and painful, resulting in less enjoyment of life.

At the Gaar Law firm, we understand the pain that victims of rear-end accidents experience. Our experienced attorneys have represented many victims of these types of accidents. We are committed to helping all our clients recover the compensation they deserve. For more on common types of car accidents and how we can help, please visit the “Common Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents” section of our web page.