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Louisiana truck accident injuries need to be addressed

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2015 | Truck Accidents

Most of us have heard the horror stories of what happens when a semi-truck collides with a Louisiana passenger vehicle. For some Lafayette residents, the stories become their terrifying reality. For those that suffer from injuries due to a truck accident, there are legal options available. Understanding how your injuries will affect your life, family and finances is important to understanding their full effect on your life.

Trucks can be so devastating due to their sheer size and speed of travel. When something goes wrong, it can mean severe consequences for innocent parties, such as Lafayette families. There are many scenarios that could cultivate in a truck accident causing serious injuries to an innocent party. Some of the causes are as follows and may not always be the fault of the truck driver himself.

For example, one reason a truck could have an accident with a passenger vehicle is if the truck is traveling overweight. Overweight trucks could be the fault of the trucking companies themselves, not the driver alone. But, the driver can be attributed for an accident, if they are not driving appropriate for weather conditions or if he or she is driving fatigued. A fatigued driver may not have been keeping proper driving logs that make sure drivers are adhering to strict driving regulations that could have contributed to the truck accident.

If a truck company is unable to product truck logs, they could be equally as responsible for failing to hold their driver responsible for driving regulations. As you can see, trucking accident fault is not always cut and dry. Negligence can be full or partial, but either way if someone is responsible for injuries and medical costs they should be held accountable. Find out if your accident with a truck can possibly mean financial restitution from negligent parties.