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Cruise ship accident injures 22

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2015 | Boating Accidents

Cruising during the summer is a popular way to vacation for many people in Lafayette, Louisiana, and for the rest of the country. However, when a tourist is injured on board a cruise ship, the vacation can suddenly become much less fun. Such an incident recently occurred when a cruise ship, in which European tourists were traveling, collided with a wall, while entering a lock in northern New York State.

According to news reports, the incident injured 19 passengers and three crewmembers. Ship officials stated that all of the injuries were minor, and the injured people were treated at a local hospital before being released. In addition to those people who were injured, there were 273 passengers and 81 crewmembers on the 286-foot cruise ship. Reports also stated that even after the accident, the ship remained stable, and the uninjured passengers and crewmembers remained on the ship overnight.

Cruise ship accidents of this magnitude are not very common and, fortunately, the accident victims have the right to claim compensation based on existing laws related maritime injuries. Nonetheless, incidents of food poisoning, slip-and-fall accidents and injuries that occur because of falling objects on board a cruise ship are common. In those cases, maritime laws allow the accident victims and the victim’s loved ones to claim compensation for bodily injury or death. This means that both passengers and crewmembers on a cruise ship have the right to hold the cruise line liable for the injury and seek legal recourse, in the event of an accident on the ocean.

While filing a lawsuit to claim compensation for injuries that the person has suffered on board a cruise ship may sound simple, it may not necessarily be the case because maritime laws can be complex. Additionally, victims often face difficult challenges, especially when they were traumatized. Therefore, in the event of a cruise ship accident, the passengers and the crewmembers may find it beneficial to speak with a knowledgeable attorney.

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