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Louisiana-based truck company sued for negligent driving

On Behalf of | May 27, 2015 | Truck Accidents

Distracted driving or negligence is a very common cause of truck accidents. Many Louisiana residents would agree that distracted driving and negligence can cause fatal accidents and it is imperative that truck drivers remain cautious while driving their massive vehicles.

In a recent suit filed by a Texas resident against a Louisiana-based truck company, it was alleged that one of the employees of a truck company was driving a truck negligently and caused a rear-end collision with the plaintiff’s car. The suit has also been filed against the insurance company who insured the truck.

A victim of a truck accident caused as a result of the negligence of a driver can claim compensation for the pain and suffering caused, both mental and physical, as well as the medical expenses incurred. If the driver was operating the vehicle as part of employment, the victim can file a claim for compensation from the employer, as well. Compensation also may be claimed from the insurance company with which the vehicle was insured.

In this case, the petitioner alleges that the driver did not slow down adequately for the traffic at the exit and, therefore, lost control of the vehicle and hit the plaintiff’s car as he had slowed down at the exit. The plaintiff further has alleged that the failure on the part of the employer to train the staff properly for highway driving was a primary cause of the accident.

The plaintiff is seeking five million dollars in compensation, which includes medical expenses incurred, loss of wages and property and the pain and suffering caused by the accident. Additionally, the plaintiff is seeking reimbursement of attorneys’ fees and other expenses and costs.

If you are a victim of a truck accident, it may be wise to consult with a lawyer to understand your rights and discuss your case. It may be possible for you to claim compensation if the accident at issue was caused due to negligence or distracted driving.

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