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Driver safety programs to reduce work-related road accidents

On Behalf of | May 20, 2015 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many Louisiana residents have lost a loved one due to a motor vehicle accident. A fatal vehicle accident results in pain and suffering for the family and friends whom the victim leaves behind. Every citizen should take preventive measures to prevent a fatal car accident.

Employers often have to bear the cost of an employee who has been involved in a car accident. The U.S. government has issued guidelines for employers to develop a driver safety program, with the goal of reducing the risk of fatal accidents that the employees may suffer.

Every employer needs a driver safety program, not only to protect the lives of the employees and prevent them from being seriously injured, but also to reduce liabilities that the company may face when an employee, who is driving for the business, is involved in an accident.

The goal of a driver safety program is to convey the importance of safe driving and to build a “be safe” environment in the organization. Employers should inform the drivers about the simple steps that they can take to make the roads safer for them, as well as for those who share the road with them.

The programs can influence the attitude of drivers and improve their behavior and reward those who obey the safety rules. Safe driving can prevent a lot of pain and suffering for the employees and their families.

A driver safety program makes economic sense, as well, because billions of dollars are spent every year by employers on medical expenses, legal costs and loss of productivity due to motor vehicle accidents. Driver safety programs also can help to reduce the cost of social security, health insurance and workers’ compensation payments.

The safety program establishes a healthy employer-employee relationship and delivers the message that employers are concerned about their employees and their employees’ families.

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