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How to reduce costs incurred in Louisiana motor vehicle crashes

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2015 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

Fatal motor vehicle accidents are one of the top ten causes of death in United States. Young adults and teens account for around 60 percent of the victims of motor vehicle accidents. Apart from causing pain and suffering to the victim and his or her family, fatal car accidents cause heavy loss to society, as well as to the state exchequer in form medical expenses and other work loss cost. Louisiana is also not immune to fatal motor vehicle accidents.

More than a thousand residents of Louisiana are killed every year in road accidents, which can be avoided by being a little more careful on the road. Every Louisiana resident should be aware that most road accidents are avoidable by adopting appropriate preventing measures.

Every state enforces strong child passenger safety norms making mandatory for each car to have child safety and booster seats appropriate for age and size of the child. Also, states implement comprehensive graduated drivers licensing system which allowing young adults to gain driving experience under low-risk conditions.

Costs incurred due to motor vehicle crashes can be reduced only by reducing the number of road accidents. This can be done by enforcing methods like sobriety checkpoints to nab drunken drivers and ignition interlocks for those convicted with drunken driving charges. The next best way to reduce cost is to prevent injuries in case accidents take place by implementing laws requiring drivers to wear seat belts and helmets.

Work loss costs are exceptionally high in case of road accidents. A work loss cost is estimated by summing up the total earning of the entire lifetime of the victim including salary, fringe benefits and value of household work he or she would have done. Unfortunately, road accidents majorly affect the young population of the country who are capable of contributing to the work force for many years, thereby increasing the work loss cost. The best way to save work loss cost is to make roads safer by preventing fatal accidents. Exercising caution is the first thing to consider.

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