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One killed in car-truck collision in Louisiana

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2014 | Truck Accidents

There are frequent news reports of road accidents in newspapers and on television across the United States. Residents of Lafayette, Louisiana, may know the pain of losing someone in a car crash. Losing loved ones in any kind of accident is always going to be difficult time for the family. It impacts them not only emotionally but financially as well. Life for the family becomes tougher if he or she was financially supporting the family.

Recently, in a fatal truck accident on Interstate 12, a 26-year-old person was killed in a rear end collision with an 18-wheeler. Reports stated that both the car and the truck were in the right lane, and the car driver failed to slow the vehicle, resulting in the car colliding with the back of the 18-wheeler. The car driver received fatal injuries and was declared dead at the scene. There were no signs of alcohol on the truck driver, who had voluntarily offered to take a breath alcohol test after the accident.

Officials collected a blood sample of the car driver to rule out intoxication as the reason behind his failure to slow the car resulting in the accident. Officials so far have not been able to establish who was at fault and only a thorough probe will be able to reveal the real reason of the crash.

It may take a while for a police investigation to reach a conclusion, however, it may be wise for anyone involved in an accident to consult an attorney to learn the laws regarding compensation claims in Louisiana. If a driver is found to be negligent, a victim and his or her family have the option of seeking compensation, including lost wages and pain and suffering.

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