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How does the LACRASH software help Louisiana motorists?

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2014 | Car Accidents

Car accidents are on the rise in the U.S., including Louisiana. Although transportation and police departments conduct road safety awareness campaigns, not all accidents can be avoided. Therefore, the Highway Safety Research Group, working in conjuction with the Louisiana Transportation Department, has developed the LACRASH software.

This software helps police keep track of car collisions. All the officers are required to do is complete the forms and forward them to their supervisors. This can be done from the patrol car if the officer has a laptop. The reports can then be sent electronically to the state database.

LACRASH is free-to-use. Not only does it helps agencies save money, but it is also environmentally friendly because it is maintained digitally, without the need for physical paperwork. LACRASH is also user-friendly. Car accident reports can be filled out easily and painlessly, including a spell-check facility that helps with proofreading. There is also a feature in LACRASH that allows users to draw scenes of car accidents. The upload process is also fully automated.

LACRASH also improves data quality, as it uses GPS units that provide correct location data. There is also a driver’s license reader that helps provide more accurate information regarding the driver and passengers of the vehicle involved in the accident. These features help in the investigation of car accidents. LACRASH reduces the time it takes for car collision investigations.

There is no software needed to use LACRASH, as the program is web-based. LACRASH is fully automated and helps reduce the costs of traditional accident reports.

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