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Three injured in boat accident on Amite River

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2014 | Boating Accidents

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries monitors how local waterways are used by boaters. Just like vehicles that drive on roads, boats are required to follow certain rules that are intended to keep their passengers safe. When individuals break the rules associated with safe boating, LDWF steps in to enforce violations.

A boat accident recently occurred on the Amite River. Two ski boats were involved in a crash when one of the boats backed into the other and then drove off. The incident took place near the Tiki Hut on the river’s Diversion Canal.

Three people on the non-moving boat were injured during the collision. The non-moving boat is also reported to have had its running lights on at the time of the incident, meaning that it should have been visible to the moving boat at the time of the accident. Police have not yet located the moving boat or its driver and an investigation into this matter is ongoing.

Boating accidents can be just as dangerous to boat passengers as car accidents are to vehicle passengers. Some boats have the capacity to travel at high rates of speed and weather conditions can from time to time make their movements unpredictable. Boat operators can be held to civil and criminal punishments when their actions violate the laws of the state and innocent people are injured.

When police locate the responsible boat and its driver, the three injured parties may consider suing that individual for their damages. Individuals who suffer personal injuries during accidents are sometimes eligible for compensation through personal injury lawsuits. Attorneys who practice personal injury law are experts about such claims and can offer their clients a wealth of information about their legal rights.

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