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Ski boat collides with another boat, flees scene of collision

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2014 | Boating Accidents

Boating is an enjoyable leisure activity performed by many in Louisiana. However, like other activities involving motorized vehicles, there is an inherent danger in operating or riding in a boat. A boat could be involved in an unexpected collision at any time and those injured should know their rights in such an event.

A collision involving two boats recently occurred on the Amite River Diversion Canal in Louisiana. One of the boats, a ski boat, reportedly struck the other boat from behind. The ski boat failed to remain at the scene of the accident to check on the condition of the other boat or its passengers. According to a witness, the ski boat had been speeding in the area prior to the collision. The three passengers on the boat that was struck all sustained injuries, but were released from the hospital shortly after arriving for treatment. Authorities are still looking for the ski boat and believe that it may have damage to its hull.

Any liability that may result from a boating accident is governed by the law of negligence, as is the case with nearly all other motor vehicle collisions. To prove negligence on the part of another party, an injured boat operator or passenger must prove that the other operator failed to apply the appropriate level of care to their actions and they were injured as a result. In the event that two boats collide with each other, often both boat operators share some portion of the blame. An injured boater must be able to show that the operator of the other boat in the accident was at least fifty percent responsible for the collision in order to receive compensation for any ensuing damages.

All boat operators are expected to apply the appropriate level of care in their actions and to follow safe boating practices. A failure to do so could lead to a collision with another boat or an object in the water. If such a collision results in injuries to others, the boat operator may be liable for any related damages. Those Louisiana residents injured in a boat accident may seek the guidance of a personal injury attorney to assist them with any potential action for damages.

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