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School bus accident in Lafayette

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2014 | Car Accidents

For a Louisiana parent, sending your child off to school comes with many questions. Perhaps one of the most asked questions is “how will my kid get to and from school?”. Many parents rely on public transportation or transportation offered by the school, like a busing system. But like any option, school buses are not always the perfect solution and may not quell parents’ fears that their children will be involved in car accidents.

A recent school bus accident in Lafayette feeds into this fear. The accident occurred shortly after the new year on Porter Lane. The accident investigation reveals that a car pulled out and hit the bus. The automobile was cited for failure to yield. There were ten children on board during the incident. Shortly after the accident, it appeared that no one was injured.

After a car accident, it is always imperative to assess possible injuries and damages. Initially, it may seem that those involved in accident have not been injured, like the children in this case. However, some injuries may have a slow on-set. For instance, whiplash or other injuries may appear days after an incident.

Part of our intuition leads us to believe that injuries caused by an accident should be immediately apparent. However, as described above, this is not always the case. Accordingly, Louisiana residents – including school-aged children — involved in a car collision should carefully evaluate themselves following an accident.

If injuries do arise, the injured parties can work with an experienced Louisiana attorney to help recover damages. Under Louisiana law, it is possible to demonstrate that the injury, although occurring later in time, was caused by the accident. Appreciating that injuries can appear after an accident is the first step on the road to a successful recovery. And after successfully making this showing, a plaintiff can recover damages.

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