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Louisiana residents disregarding driving laws

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2013 | Car Accidents

There are many daily distractions in a Louisiana resident’s life. A major distracting pressure is cell phone use. People constantly feel pressure from their friends, family and work to stay connected. Cell phone use is rightfully not always welcomed, however, particularly when it creates negligent drivers.

The LACRASH Highway Safety Research Group recently released statistics about drivers’ use of cell phones while on the roadways. The statistics are startling, especially in light of the social media ban while driving that was put into place earlier this year.

The research reveals that many Louisiana residents are essentially ignoring the new law. They continue to use their phones to do things besides making calls – which is the only permitted act. Some people think that texting, emailing or checking social media is acceptable when they are stopped at red lights.

The evidence shows that cell phone use while driving is very dangerous. In fact, over 750 accidents this year resulted in injuries that were caused by distracted drivers. The number of fatalities is also on the rise.

Disregarding the law is a key component of many car accident cases. Someone injured by a distracted driver who was on a cell phone at the time of the crash can use this information in a lawsuit. Specifically, the information goes to the issue of whether the distracted driver was being reasonable. An injured plaintiff can argue that the distracted cell phone user was acting per se unreasonably since the conduct is expressly prohibited by law. The new law is therefore is helpful to those injured by drivers who use their cell phones. Respecting the law can make a significant difference in what damages someone can recover.

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