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Motorcyclist dies in crash in St. Landry

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2013 | Car Accidents

Louisiana drivers have a number of different responsibilities when deciding to take on the roadways. Some of them may not always be apparent and can lead to car accidents if the duties are breached.

One recent car collision that took place in St. Landry Parish fits within such a scenario. The accident occurred in early October on the side of Kennerson Road. An Opelousas man had been driving his pickup truck when it ran out of gas near this location. The man decided to leave his car behind to go get some gas.

Meanwhile, other drivers were passing his vehicle, but were unable to see it because he did not leave his hazard lights on. Unfortunately, one motorcyclist who did not see the pickup truck collided with it. The collision resulted in his death.

The pickup truck owner is now facing significant criminal penalties. The police have charged him with negligent homicide, no insurance, failure to report an accident and filing a false report among other crimes.

In addition to exposing himself to criminal consequences, the man may also be subject to civil liability. His potential liability relates to his duties as a driver. In particular, the law provides that every driver owes a duty to carefully operate his car so as not to harm other individuals using the roadways, including other drivers, pedestrians and motorcyclists. This duty includes using vehicle lights appropriately and parking or stopping a vehicle in proper locations.

In this case, the loved ones of the motorcyclist might be able to file a civil suit against the Opelousas man for his breach of such duties. It appears that but for the man’s failure to position his vehicle properly and use his lights, the accident would not have occurred.

This is the sort of consideration that any victim or victim’s families should undertake in evaluating whether to file a claim. Those affect by a negligent driver might experience extreme emotional hardship and financial burdens. Filing for compensation can help alleviate expenses and damages.

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