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Horse race ends in car accident in Louisiana town

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2013 | Car Accidents

Accidents on the Louisiana roadways are never expected. They can arise under a number of different circumstances, including fairly unusual ones. Drivers should be alert when driving in order to respond to car accidents, and also be prepared to follow-up in the event that they suffer any personal injuries in such accidents.

Perhaps, one of the most unusual collisions occurred in Opelousas. The accident investigation reveals that witnesses saw two young men racing on horseback through town. One rider raced through a stop sign, and then crashed into a minivan. The horse apparently smashed through one of the car windows, got injured and left a dent in the car. The horseback riders then rode off — a hit and run accident.

The collision remains under investigation. It is unclear whether the horseback rider will face any criminal charges. The police contend that he can be charged with a host of charges, including leaving the scene and animal cruelty.

In addition to facing criminal charges, an individual that causes an accident can be subject to liability in a civil case brought by those individuals injured in the accident.

Louisianans may not realize the complicated nature of personal injury lawsuits. There are several stages of litigation: meeting with an attorney, filing a lawsuit, discovery of the underlying facts of the lawsuit, pre-trial motions or settlement that may resolve the lawsuit, trial, judgment and the appellate process.

In light of the numerous stages of litigation, it is evident that it may take a while to recover damages, if a case actually proceeds to trial. Nevertheless, triggering the legal system can be useful as it can lead to settlement of your claims.

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