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Pickup truck drives into house in Louisiana

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2013 | Car Accidents

Car accidents can happen any time, anywhere and can sometimes cause unusual injuries and damages. A story that recently received local media attention reminds Louisianans of the dangers associated with the careless operation of motor vehicles. Identifying the potential dangers early on can help individuals recognize all of the different injuries and damages for which they can recover following a car accident.

Two people were at home in Moss Bluff, Louisiana when a pickup truck suddenly drove through the house. The incident began when the driver of the pickup truck rear-ended a car that was stopped at a red light. The car then followed the pickup truck, which ultimately rammed into a house causing damage to the property.

The pickup truck driver did suffer some minor injuries from the car collision, however. And, shortly after the incident, he was also arrested. He faces hit and run charges as well as allegations of drunk driving. Authorities have booked him into a local correctional facility. He awaits his criminal proceedings.

Meanwhile, the driver that was rear-ended and the owners of the damaged home may be considering the civil claims that they can assert against the pickup truck driver. Louisiana law actually enumerates several different types of damages for which people can sue for following car accidents. For example, a person who suffers injury or loss due to a negligent driver can sue for damage to personal property, like to their car or home.

The person injured due to a careless motorist can also sue for damages resulting from personal injuries. These damages may not be as obvious and can include medical expenses, pain and suffering and even emotional distress in certain circumstances. The injured person may also be compensated for lost wages as well as loss of affection or companionship. The process of claims and compensation may seem complex and it’s advised to be knowledgeable of the law in the case of injury or loss due to a car accident.

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