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Louisiana school bus accident goes unreported

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2013 | Car Accidents

Most people are unlikely to be forthcoming about wrongdoing when involved in an accident. A Louisiana school bus driver’s recent delay in reporting a minor accident underscores drivers’ hesitations to report or provide additional information about car accidents.

The Vermilion Parish bus driver’s accident occurred around the end of May, when she apparently hit a railing of a bridge. The accident went unreported for quite a while. The driver apparently did not initially file a police report or report the incident to the school board. Only when prompted by parents’ questions did the bus driver eventually report the incident, and divulge some information about it.

Questions still remain, however, as authorities and parents investigate whether any serious injury resulted from the incident, and for what, if any, damages the bus driver may be liable. There may be video evidence of the incident, but no one has been able to get a copy of it. Apparently, there was bus video surveillance that may have captured what occurred, including whether a minor girl was injured.

In light of the fact that many people involved in a car collision do not willing trade information and other evidence, the legal system may come into play to facilitate the exchange of information. The injured party may use interviews or document requests to get more information from witnesses or the negligent driver. Similarly, the injured person may be able to obtain copies of any video evidence, much like the bus camera in this case.

A person who is injured in an automobile accident due to the careless actions of another driver may be entitled to compensation. This compensation may include medical bills, recovery of lost wages and even pain in suffering in certain circumstances.

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