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Police fail to corporate with Louisiana woman on sons’ accident

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2013 | Car Accidents

No one in Louisiana wants to be involved in a crash. Car accidents are stressful and can result in serious injury and damages. Nevertheless, accidents occur. And, victims should be aware of where they can collect additional information about and seek resources regarding the incident in which they were involved.

A mother’s recent outrage reminds potential victims just how difficult it can be to collect information about the details of a car collision. A motor-vehicle accident occurred on February 3, 2013 in Louisiana. The victims were two men, who were apparently pedestrians at the time of the accident. Both have suffered significant injuries.

Although the accident occurred nearly two months ago, several questions remain about the details of the accident. Specifically, the mother of the two men has sought out information about the event from the police. She was able to get the initial police report, but it allegedly contains several errors. She also claims that the police refuse to give her the report for one of her sons. The mother is outraged by the police department’s lack of response.

The story reminds car accident victims that sometimes it is necessary to seek information from a third party about the accident in which they were involved. Unfortunately, this is not always easy.

One source of information is typically the police. When an accident occurs in Louisiana or anywhere else, the responding police usually generate a police report. A person involved in an accident is entitled to such a report. It is useful to request one immediately as they contain helpful information, especially if a victim is considering legal action to obtain compensation for medical expenses and other damages. Although the report may not be admissible in civil litigation, it can be a bargaining tool.

Police reports contain essential information like details of the accident, preliminary assessments of fault and possible witnesses. Although it may not always be easy to get the report, victims should recognize their usefulness and obtain one.

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