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Two perish in Broussard car wreck

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2013 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

In the blink of an eye even the most conscientious of drivers could become victims of a serious car crash. Fatal accidents are all the more tragic when more than one person is killed.

A recent car accident in Broussard has claimed the lives of two individuals. The accident occurred when a woman ran a red light and struck a 2006 Dodge Pickup. Both the woman and the passenger in her vehicle were declared dead at the scene of the accident. The driver and passenger of the Dodge sustained only minor injuries. Although police are still investigating the incident, it appears all the individuals involved in the accident were wearing seat belts. It is not yet known whether alcohol played a role in the incident.

When a victim is killed in a motor vehicle accident, the victim’s loved ones may choose to hold those responsible accountable through a wrongful death suit. To prevail in a wrongful death suit, it must be shown that the victim’s death was called by the negligence of another, and that the victim’s survivors have suffered some sort of financial loss as a result of the incident. Such a lawsuit is usually brought by a representative of the decedent’s estate. Compensation for a wrongful death may include pecuniary damages, such as medical expenses, funeral expenses and loss of support.

The loss of a loved one in a car crash can be devastating for those left behind. But by pursuing a wrongful death suit, the victim’s loved ones may find the financial means needed to help move on from the accident.

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