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Auto accident involving school bus in Louisiana

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2013 | Car Accidents

While driving is a very typical activity in Lafayette, unfortunately it can also be very dangerous. Car accidents can result for a variety of reasons, including a negligent driver, vehicle malfunction, road conditions, etc. In many cases, serious injury results to one or more people during an auto accident, which can be both physically and financially challenging.

In nearby Carencro, Louisiana, a car recently collided with a school bus. The impact was from the rear of the bus. The accident occurred during the morning as students were on their way to school. Although students were present on the bus when the car ran into the back of the bus, no injuries were reported.

Unfortunately, in many accidents the outcome is not so positive. Especially when one vehicle collides with a much larger vehicle or when a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle, serious injuries, including brain injuries, are common. Fortunately, the legal system provides a method through which injured parties can obtain compensation for the personal and property damage suffered in the accident. One of the first steps in pursuing compensation and damages is determining who is at fault for the accident. This could be another driver, the vehicle manufacturer, or other parties. It is important that the necessary evidence be collected and preserved in case the need for litigation arises.

With the help of a qualified auto injury lawyer, Louisiana residents can negotiate with the insurance company of the party who is responsible for the accident to reach an agreeable settlement. If negotiations are unsuccessful, the attorney can pursue litigation on the injured party’s behalf. Although the process of physical recovery can be difficult and lengthy, the assistance of an attorney can help make the process of getting compensation and damages as quick and painless as possible.

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