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Train collides with Louisiana woman’s truck

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2012 | Car Accidents

A Louisiana woman recently walked away with only minor injuries after a train hit the truck in which she was driving. Car accidents involving collisions with trains typically do not end with such little damage. When they do, however, it is important for individuals living in Louisiana to be familiar with the law as it relates to train accidents so that they can maximize their recoveries.

A train hit the woman’s truck after it stalled on the tracks near Latwell on Acadiana Road. When her car stalled, the woman tried to push it off the tracks. Her efforts proved unsuccessful, and she decided to get back into her car. Almost immediately, the woman’s truck was hit by the train. After the accident, the woman was cited for obstruction of the railroad crossing.

The woman’s story is filled with twists and turns — she panicked as the train was coming and tried to push her car off the tracks, but then ended up getting hit and receiving a citation from the police. It reminds Louisianans that the law concerning train accidents is complex.

It is important for Louisiana drivers to recognize that a train company and its conductor will not always be held responsible when a train hits a passenger vehicle. Although the impact may be severe and result in serious injury, they may avoid liability if it shown that the vehicle’s driver did not comply with the laws regarding yielding to trains.

While these standards can seem confusing, a personal injury attorney can help Louisiana drivers navigate these complex accidents laws. Importantly, they can also help secure financial recoveries for personal injuries and property damages that result from such an accident.

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