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Louisiana father and daughter survive motorcycle crash with semi

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2012 | Truck Accidents

A Louisiana family nearly lost two of its members during a motorcycle ride on Christmas Eve 2011, which ended with a semi crash. Luckily, the father and daughter who were struck by the 18-wheeler truck survived. Now their holiday near-tragedy is a safety and liability lesson for Louisiana motorcyclists involved in truck accidents.

It was Christmas Eve 2011 and a Louisiana family of three – father, mother, and daughter — decided to go on a motorcycle ride. As the family was on their way home, tragedy struck. The mother witnessed the whole event. She recalls that her husband and daughter were both hit by a semi-truck as she rode about a quarter of a mile behind them. The crash was almost fatal.

The father and daughter suffered significant injuries. The father had a head injury and the daughter had a broken femur. Fortunately, the family members survived. And after spending significant time in the hospital, both the father and daughter are expected to make full recoveries. They are very thankful at this second chance at life and attribute their survival to wearing appropriate riding gear and the quick response from the local paramedics.

Louisiana truck accidents, especially when they involve motorcycles, usually do not end on such a positive note. They often have lasting results including permanent disability, scarring or death. At the very least, the father-daughter story reveals that they come with significant costs — medical expenses, lost wages and much pain and suffering. There are few barriers between motorcycles and the road and other vehicles and wearing protective gear, like the Louisiana family, is just one step motorcyclists in Louisiana can take to protect themselves in an accident.

Becoming knowledgeable about the law and their legal rights are other steps that motorcyclists can take to ensure security. For example, insurance standards may vary from motorcycles to automobiles. It is essential to know about such differences and the extent of coverage required for all drivers, including drivers of commercial trucks should an accident occur.

Although reports did not indicate if the family filed a personal injury claim against the driver of the truck or his employer, it may have been their right to do so. If the driver of the truck was deemed negligent, a personal injury claim may allow the family to recoup past and future medical expenses, which are still an ongoing issue for the father who is hoping to walk again next year.

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