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Louisiana Army National Guardsman dies in semi crash

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2012 | Truck Accidents

An auto accident between a military Humvee and an 18-wheeler truck on I-49 this week resulted in the death of a Louisiana Army National Guardsman. Unfortunately, truck accidents involving 18-wheeler trucks occur all too frequently and often end in serious bodily injury or death because 18-wheeler trucks can pose great hazards. Drivers in Louisiana — whether they operate smaller vehicles or large trucks — must be aware of these hazards and remember to always exercise caution. There are many ways to avoid such accidents and the tragedies and expenses that arise from them.

The accident investigation of the crash between the Humvee and 18-wheeler reveals that the driver of the 18-wheeler may have caused it, although the investigation continues. The police say that the Humvee was the last vehicle in a military convoy that was driving down I-49. The 18-wheeler truck followed the convoy. The 18-wheeler, however, was traveling at much faster speeds than the Humvee and ultimately crashed into it.

The collision caused the Humvee to overturn and propelled both of the vehicles into the median of I-49. All of the passengers involved in the accident were apparently wearing their seatbelts and two stepped away from the accident with minor injuries. Sadly, one of the guardsmen in the Humvee did not survive.

The tragic death of the Louisiana guardsman reminds drivers of the perils associated with 18-wheeler trucks. In this case, the accident could appear to have resulted from the negligent speeding of the truck driver. Speeding is often a cause of trucking accidents, as is inattentive or distracted driving. Although officials are still investigating the accident they did say routine toxicology tests and charges are pending in the case.

Speeding may be compounded with other factors in causing fatal accidents. Truck drivers may not receive adequate training and learn to appreciate that 18-wheel trucks cannot maneuver or respond to dangers like smaller vehicles often can. Truck drivers are not the only ones who share in accident liability, however. Other drivers must also be diligent and drive defensively when sharing the road with all vehicles, including large trucks.

In cases involving driver negligence, whether involving commercial trucks or privately owned passenger vehicles, those injured may have recourse in the form of a personal injury claim. In a case such as the one described here a wrongful death claim may be considered by the family members of the deceased guardsman.

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