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Community mourns Louisiana teacher who died in a car accident

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2012 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

Family and friends of the Opelousas High School Magnet Academy of Biomedical Sciences community have banded together to remember the impact one of their teachers had on them. A fatal accident in her car claimed her life.

As the teacher made her way down Interstate 49, she braked to avoid hitting the car ahead of her, which was turning off the road. The driver behind the teacher, however, apparently did not stop quickly enough. Instead, the driver slammed into the teacher’s vehicle, propelling it into oncoming traffic. It was there that the teacher’s vehicle was hit by a gas tanker truck — a collision that resulted in the teacher’s death. Now, the local community stands stunned by the loss of a loved one and is likely experiencing some of the same pain and suffering as the victim’s closest relatives.

Fatal car accidents in Louisiana usually unfold suddenly, leaving families in a state of shock. It is nonetheless imperative that loved how know how to quickly respond to such devastating situations in order to get compensation for their loss. As difficult as it may be so soon after a person’s death, it is important to consider starting an independent investigation to explore such issues like whether motor vehicle regulations or traffic laws were violated Early investigations may affect liability determinations and increase the amount a grieving family can recover.

Fatal accidents often occur without warning and leave emotional devastation in their wake. People in Louisiana may want to prepare themselves by knowing whom to contact for advice when tragedy strikes; doing so may bring closure to such tragic stories more quickly.

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