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Louisiana man charged after fatal motor vehicle crash

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2012 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

Last week, a 32-year-old local man was killed in a motor vehicle accident. As the crash investigation continues, state police have decided to charge a local 26-year-old Louisiana man for the fatal accident. Meanwhile, the deceased man’s surviving family members must cope with the loss of a loved one, as well as significant financial expenses. Fortunately, the law provides several means of financial recovery from insurance to wrongful death lawsuits.

When the 26-year-old Louisiana man swerved off a local highway and hit a utility pole, the impact allegedly caused one of his passengers, a 32-year-old local man, to be ejected from the car. The serious car accident resulted in the passenger’s death, and injuries to a second passenger. After an initial investigation, police say that the driver was negligent and is responsible for the other man’s death. As a result, the police have charged the Louisiana man with several crimes, including DWI, vehicular negligent injury, careless operation of a vehicle, failing to wear a seatbelt, and vehicular homicide. Although the criminal case against the Louisiana driver is progressing, the surviving family members of the deceased passenger must deal with much more than criminal charges. Rather, the family must determine how to pay for all of the resulting financial expenses from the man’s death and cope with the loss of their family member.

Fortunately, Louisiana law does provide a means of recovery for expenses resulting from a fatal car accident. Family members can seek financial coverage from insurance companies. The person who died as a result of the accident may have had insurance that covers certain expenses. Similarly, the negligent driver’s insurance may cover costs that flow from the accident. Although the different insurance avenues to financial recovery may be complex, they can offer significant relief for surviving family members.

This recent local story about a fatal car accident reminds Louisiana residents about the dangers associated with driving. More importantly, it encourages individuals to seek out and obtain insurance coverage and other legal protections in the event that they become involved in a serious car accident. Thinking ahead can really help family members avoid significant financial challenges in the future.

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